Chickpeas and Beans Sundal


Chickpeas and beans Sundal 2

Chickpeas and Black eyed beans Sundal

Hi friends! We can always make a variety of sundals for  protein rich breakfast, it is very easy to prepare and an absolutely healthy and delicious snack.


  • 1/2 cup Kabuli Channa/white channas
  • 1/2 cup Black eyed beans/ Lobiya
  • 2-3 tbsp grated fresh Coconut
  • 1/2 lemon’s juice
  • 1 level teasp /Salt to taste

For seasoning:

  • 1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
  • a sprig of Curry leaves
  • 1 tbsp Oil


Step 1.

Soak Chana and Lobiya overnight or at least for 8-9 hrs, Add salt and pressure cook ,after the first whistle, reduce the heat and after ten minutes remove from the stove.

Step 2.

Let it cool to room temperature, open the Chana, Lobiya should be soft and firm to touch and should not be either hard or mushy.

Step 3.

Drain the chana/ Lobiya and keep it aside, you can use this drained water to make healthy soups.

Step 4.

Heat oil in a kadai / wok or heavy bottom pan and crackle mustard seeds , add curry leaves fry for few seconds ,add grated coconut and fry it for a half a minute. Switch off the stove.

Step 5.

Add cooked and drained chana /Chickpeas, Lobiya/ Black eyed beans mix to the above seasoning. and blend well .

Step 6.

Add lemon juice and mix well. Serve these protein rich Sundals hot, warm or cold as a snack or with breakfast.

Possible health benefits of consuming Black eyed beans:

Inflammation is at the root of most diseases, but a healthy diet including one to two servings of black-eyed peas per day can help fight chronic inflammation and prevent so many serious health problems. This anti-inflammatory effects is what provides so many of the following black-eyed pea benefits.

  1. Improve Digestion-One of the biggest black-eyed pea benefits is the high levels of dietary fiber, which helps to promote regular bowel movements and improve the health of the entire body, especially the digestive system.
  2. Prevent Anemia-Getting adequate iron in your diet prevents anemia, which can cause fatigue and weakness.
  3. Lower Blood Pressure-Black-eyed peas are rich in potassium, a mineral that helps keep your blood pressure levels at healthy numbers and lowers your risk of heart disease.
  4. Increase Folate Intake-Black-eyed peas are especially high in folate, which is a water soluble B vitamin that plays a slightly different role from the other B vitamins because it doesn’t participate in energy metabolism. Folate’s main function is to help the body make new cells, specifically by playing a role in copying and synthesizing DNA. It also helps the body utilize vitamin B12 and amino acids.
  5. Boosts Skin and Eye Health-Black-eyed peas are surprisingly high in vitamin A. They have over a quarter of your daily vitamin A needs in one cup. Not only does vitamin A help form and maintain healthy skin and mucus membranes, but it produces the pigments in the retina of the eye.


Possible health benefits of consuming chickpeas:

Chickpeas have been associated with a number of possible health benefits for medical conditions. We will go through each condition one at a time.

1. Diabetes

Studies have shown that type 1 diabetics who consume high-fiber diets have lower blood glucose levels and type 2 diabetics may have improved blood sugar, lipids and insulin levels.

2. Bone health

The iron, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and vitamin K content present in chickpeas all contribute to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.

3. Blood pressure

Maintaining a low-sodium intake is essential to lowering blood pressure, however increasing potassium intake may be just as important because of its vasodilation effects.

4. Heart health

The high fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B-6 content all support heart health. Chickpeas contain significant amounts of fiber, which helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the blood, thereby decreasing the risk of heart disease.

5. Cancer

Selenium is a mineral that is not present in most fruits and vegetables, but can be found in chickpeas. It plays a role in liver enzyme function, and helps detoxify some cancer-causing compounds in the body. Additionally, selenium prevents inflammation and also decreases tumor growth rates.

6. Cholesterol

Research shows that including chickpeas in the diet lowers the amount of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the blood.

7. Inflammation

Choline is a very important and versatile nutrient in chickpeas that help with sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory. Choline also helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation.

8. Digestion and regularity

Because of their high-fiber content, chickpeas help to prevent constipation and promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract.


Nick’s kitchen medical Disclaimer:

  • Nick’s kitchen is for Vegetarians. It sometimes provides education and support to individuals who want to become vegetarian, or move toward a more vegetarian diet.
  • Nick’s kitchen provides some information on vegetarian and vegan diets to the best of their knowledge and abilities.
  • Nick’s kitchen does not claim to be health care professional, nutritionist, nor does it claims to treat any illness through vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • If you have a medical condition,Nick’s kitchen recommend that you consult your health care professionals before changing your diet.
  • Any changes that you make to your diet, and the results of those changes, are your decision and your responsibility.


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